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Founded in 1999, VaST is incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our headquarters are located in Warrenton, Virginia; however, our employees provide support to our customers throughout the U.S. and around the globe. VaST’s founding members established the organization to fulfill a growing need for precision technological advancement while providing an engaging work environment.


We support a unique set of customers through software engineering, software design, information operations, analysis, and reporting, data collection and parsing, and tailored data collection specific to the needs of the customer.


VaST is 100% employee owned through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which strengthens our technical and performance posture by aligning company goals with employee interests. As a result, both the employee-owners and the company benefit from increased company performance, teamwork, and an overall positive environment


Leadership recognizes that we, and our contemporaries, are subject to a unique opportunity to be a part of an era that yields significant societal advancements though the innovation of technology.  As we enter into the era of technology, the team at VaST has taken the initiative to be a part of the movement that will have a positive impact, enhance our capabilities, and ultimately shape our future.


Our Culture

We value people, performance and excellence.

Our Culture

You are Valued

When becoming a part of VaST, you’re not just another heartbeat in a seat,
you are an integral asset to a highly productive team that performs harmonically while providing valuable contributions to the company in its entirety.

VaST employees are, in essence,
the company itself.

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The VaST Family

While we are a geographically diverse company, our company culture takes great care that all of our employees actively engaged and know they are part of the VaST family.  Collaboration between the individual and our widespread network is deeply embedded into VaST culture. 


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At VaST, we uphold a culture that fosters an environment of high technical proficiency, a high tempo workforce, and camaraderie. We’ve earned an elite status within our community by valuing our employees and our clients ahead of all else. Through this, we are able to provide impactful daily support while solving the industry's most difficult technical problems.


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VaST practices a deliberate slow-growth model that allows us to build teams of personnel that are passionate about their work and will continue our reputation of excellence within the industry. This is one aspect of our culture that  drives our ability to provide top-tier support while maintaining an engaging and welcoming work environment for our employees. 

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Employee Ownership

VaST is 100% employee-owned.

We believe our employees should share in the success of our company in a tangible way, which is why we created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2013. Our ESOP program means every employee of VaST is part owner and benefits financially from a job well done. In this way, there is a direct incentive for all employees to work diligently and take pride in their work as well as the company’s performance. Our employees enjoy industry competitive wages and the long-term investment derived from company ownership. At VaST, being an employee-owner means having a stable present while building your future.


bariloche patagonia, argentina

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Life at VaST


VaST takes pride in our technological advances and work but we have fun while we do it. 




A fun day testing our technology!  

For the past 20 years we have partnered with ROAM, Rivers, Oceans, and Mountains to lead us all over the world!  Our employees are able to build a special camaraderie because of the time they are able to spend with each other on our team building adventures.  

Tatshenshini-Alsek River Expedition


Our headquarters are strategically located in Vint Hill north of Warrenton, Virginia, just outside of the Washington D.C. beltway. Our employees enjoy access to the amenities of the D.C metropolitan area, Virginia’s charming horse and wine country, and the beautiful Shenandoah mountains. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, our location provides our employees an easy, low-stress, commute.


Our other locations throughout the world are:  Augusta GA, Buhl ID, Columbia/Ft. Meade MD, Dayton OH, Denver CO, Fayetteville NC, Idaho Falls ID, Omaha NE, San Antonio TX, State College PA, Hawaii, United Kingdom, and Australia.


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